Bird one 590 + Xiaomi dasboard = personal scooter?

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Bird one 590 + Xiaomi dasboard = personal scooter?

Postby nanipoonani Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:17 pm

oi lads,

I managed to get my hands on a bird (bird one 590)

I also have a Xiaomi Pro dashboard display.
My question is: Do you think it's possible to flash the bird one using the Xiaomi board or do I also need to install a Xiaomi controller?

After doing some research I found out about a guy (samzone) who changes the controller on one of these scooters and he is saying that it is working fine for him but I noticed many people saying that it did not work for them or they have some weird problem.

Now I'm not an electrician and I'm scared to touch the battery because I might fry my ass but I would like to try to flash this scooter.
Unfortunately, I am also new to this scooter hacking thing and have no clue what to do.
I connected my Xiaomi board to the Bird 590 and the display went on.

I noticed that only the Km/h were on and the D for drive.
Everything else was off, including the Bluetooth.
Then I thought to myself I better disconnect them since the 590 could fry my board and came to ask for help here.
What software/firmware should I try first?

Thanks for reading

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