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BLE 133 on my Mi Scooter 2 Pro. Can i save/read this BLE somehow? (Trying to crossflash Mi3 / 2 Pro)

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2022 12:26 pm
by Abducted
Hi folks!

I currently have BLE 133 on my mi scooter 2 pro. I cant find any information about this BLE and also cant seem to be able to download it anywhere.
I can download version 134, 132 and 129 but cant find 133.

Im trying to flash my son's Mi3 scooter (BLE 157) by switching the heads of the scooters but i think i have to flash the BLE 133 to one that supports the Mi3 because now i get some sort of block size error when i try to flash the Mi3.
But just in case i want to have the BLE 133 as a backup for my own scooter.

Thanks for your help!