SHFW : prerequises and information

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SHFW : prerequises and information

Postby underscan007 Fri Jul 22, 2022 11:57 am


I saw in Scooterhacking app the possibility to flash with SHFW that give access to many parameter without reflashing the Scooter.
It would be great, however, I don't see any information on the Wiki/forum /Youtube about that SHFW..
what are the prerequieses? what BMS, BLE, DRV is compatible. What scooter model is compatible?

I'm a bit carefull before flashing 500€ scooter :-D.

my scoot : Xiaomi Pro 2
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Re: SHFW : prerequises and information

Postby jyuoui Thu Aug 04, 2022 1:39 am

There are questions asked about this but I have not found the answer yet super mario bros
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Re: SHFW : prerequises and information

Postby michael55910 Thu Aug 11, 2022 12:40 pm

I've recently flashed my Pro 2 (BLE129, DRV218, BMS128) bought in Q4 2020 successfully to SHFW 0.2.5. It's nice to have the possibility to change parameters whenever I want. However this firmware is still very buggy and it disables adjustment of most options outside of the SH app. If you use dashboard app, you have pair again each time you switch between dashboard app and SH app.

The most noticeable bug so far is that when the cruise control kicks in, there is sudden and short power drop.

What's missing:
- KERS on acceleration lever release, works only when pressing breaking lever, it's not possible to re-enable it
- enabling/disabling always-on tail light from dashboard app
- enabling/disabling direct power control from dashboard app (you can still preconfigure that in SHFW to be enabled on launching scooter with lever pressed
- (not sure, but probably) enabling/disabling cruise control through dashboard app

Extra features (thing not available in other custom firmware, at least as far as I know):
- optional swapping of functions on single/double click of the power button (so I can switch modes with single tap)
- showing battery level when scooter is not moving
- setting 3 profiles, that can be switched by proper launch sequence with levers pressed

Bare in mind, that after flashing you have to set up everything, there are no default values for speed and power provided, so the scooter is temporarily out of order.

All in all, I very much recommend the SHFW for Pro 2, but bare in mind it's sort of beta project.

PS. Does anyone has some experience with flashing unofficial BMS126 for this scooter to unlock battery?
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Re: SHFW : prerequises and information

Postby Weale Wed May 24, 2023 1:24 pm

Great! I have searched for this information. But your answer satisfied me. I like them and the way you recommend them. Best regards. baldi's basics

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