Current limit calculation, Xiaomi Essential current values

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Current limit calculation, Xiaomi Essential current values

Postby ambarusa Fri May 20, 2022 10:32 am


I'm seeing that a lot of people, who share firmwares and informations on the internet are using soo many current settings, and I'm not convinced they are fully aware if it's correct, safe, effective. The bigger the better...

I have some theoretical knowledge about about batteries, but not much when it comes to scooters, and real cases. Therefore, I'm asking you to help me clarify this, and see what are the best safe parameters to a certain scooter.

So, there's a rule for Lithium ion batteries, the maximum discharge current should be about 1C for continuous discharge and 3C for instantaneous discharge (C is the capacity). That is obviously too small, compared to what I've heard about factory current limits for scooters:
For 1S 20A(batt. 7 650mAh), Pro2 is 30A (batt. 12400mAh). In both cases the current are 2.5 * the capacity, and they are proposional. By this means for a Xiaomi Essential the max. current should be around 13A,

Isn't it too low? What are your experiences? What are those "Power limit | Standard: 25A / 17A / 7A" in the generator anyway, where do they come from?

About the modes: In the default firmware, I can feel the same torque for D and S modes, and only the speed is limiting. Is there any difference between the modes, than the speed? Can't all the current limits be around the maximum (to have the same acceleration), so the speed limit will stop using much current at the max speed?

Thanks so much.
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Re: Current limit calculation, Xiaomi Essential current values

Postby Lancia037 Wed Jul 20, 2022 3:29 pm

were you able to find the optimal values?

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