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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:38 pm
by kinakos
Hi to all.
Yesterday I put a CFW to my Xiaomi Pro2 for the first time using the preset "GM FREE" from For all presets of the application (PRO2, GM FREE, BRAKE TRICK) the default value for Sport is 36A. After the installation of CFW the battery was about 90% and the scooter was very powerful in sport mode with a great acceleration. So I went for a 5km ride and everything was ok. Then I went another ride for 7km driving using both S and D mode. I did the last 3km only in S mode with small uphill in the road and suddenly I had interruptions when I was pressing down the throttle. After some interruptions the scooter stopped at all while the battery was at 30%. I switched to D mode and the scooter worked with no problem with speed 21km/h. When I switched to S mode I had the same problems (interruptions and after a while stopped).
The temperature of the weather outside was about 12 C. Do you think that the problem is the 36A in sport mode. I am thinking of putting the sport at 30A before using it again since I am afraid. What do you suggest ?