how to flash m365?

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how to flash m365?

Postby m365proDisplay Wed Aug 19, 2020 2:36 pm

hi guys just purchased a standard m365. took it out for a test ride all working okay, I just want a slight increase in speed.
ive read that you can flash to remove the speed restriction but there are so many conflicting an outdated posts for current firmware. can anyone help.

ive upgraded my m365 to the pro display
bms ver 126
ble ver 910
drv ver 166

right now im fairly happy with the scooter, I just want that slight extra increase in speed.
in future I would like 2 different modes speed restricted and unrestricted.

do I need to alter my ble first or is this okay and can I just flash a firmware over the top of 166 or do I need to downgrade first. last thing what do I flash for a stnd m365 with a pro display?

cheers for any help or guides guys

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