All versions are 10201?

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All versions are 10201?

Postby truxntrax Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:27 am

I've been gifted a m365 (not pro) scooter, which a friend crashed and fell out with. I think he bought it "reconditioned".

I've managed to fix it up and it operates all ok physically. However it displays some things that confuse me.

#1 it will not connect to the official app (China mainland selected or not)

#2 all other apps seem to connect ok. The firmware versions shown for ble,BMS and drv all show ver -10201.

I asked my buddy if it has been flashed and he say, no, it's stock...

Also it is the one fuse version. I have a 2 fuse newer board on order from Ali.

Does anyone know what im starting with here? I haven't tried to flash anything yet, due to 1 fuse. My expectation is im going to struggle. Do you guys think this is an ex fleet scooter, bought in the UK where we haven't really got scooter companies yet. Maybe locked firmware? If I install also a new display unit will this unlock it, or is the lock on the main board?

Many thanks fellow gliders!
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Re: All versions are 10201?

Postby Dreirad Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:45 pm

-10201 is a fake display. Until now, i didn't find a way to flash it. ST-link didn't work. Down G connects but gives no answer.

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