Bad controller password after flashed?

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Bad controller password after flashed?

Postby Mundo Sat Sep 30, 2023 2:35 pm

Xiaomi Scooter Essential (2023)

Im a complete novice so this is the first time Ive tried to flash a scooter. Bought it just a few days ago and followed some tutorials on how to make it reach 25 km/h. Stock = 20 km/h.

So I messed up I guess. Now the scooter gives me the error code 27 = Faulty Motherboard.
In 365 downG app the 27 error says "Bad Controller Password".

I cant use Scooter Hacking Utility for some reason on my android phone, every time I load it closes down and I get a message saying "The process had been stopped".

So Ive tried all different apps, Xiaoflasher, 365 downG etc...

This is what 365 downG gives me:

Serial DRV: M5GCA1901C0001
DRV Ver: 218
Error: 27
Bad Controller Password
BMS Ver: 141
BLE Ver: 137

Scooter is locked to only 10 km/h.

Xiaomi Home app can still connect to scooter.

Is there a way for me to fix this or am I all out of luck?

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