Xiaomi M365 Pro broke down 1-2 weeks after hack

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Xiaomi M365 Pro broke down 1-2 weeks after hack

Postby Jikdor Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:07 pm

Hello, a few weeks ago I got Xiaomi M365 Pro, it came with firmware version 1.6.0 from factory so I had to use the unstable hack, with worked fine for 1-2 weeks then I sometimes got error code 14 when booting up the scooter and it wont drive. In the beginning I could just restart the scooter to make it go way, but it started to come more frequently and now its every time and the scooter is unusable. After searching I found out it's related to breaks or throttle. I have not taken it apart to troubleshoot. Everything looks fine on the outside. Does anyone know if this is directly coursed by the hack or if it's unrelated?

I want to return it but of coarse I know I have broken the warranty by using hacked firmware, I have however updated it the the newest 1.6.6 original firmware. I called the store and told them about my problems and that I wanted to return it. And they said: "Of course no problem, as long as you haven't used any hacked firmware, witch they will find out at the workshop"

So are they bluffing or will they find out? Since I have now re flashed it with original firmware.

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Re: Xiaomi M365 Pro broke down 1-2 weeks after hack

Postby Lothean Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:30 pm

Error 14 Throttle handle position out of range
Most likely a defective throttle.
They are bluffing; if you updated back to OFW they can't see a thing, and even if, hacked firmware legally shouldn't void the warranty. We have the right to modify our product, and sadly, everyone seems to gladly let these companies take it away from us..
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Re: Xiaomi M365 Pro broke down 1-2 weeks after hack

Postby Anonyme Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:52 am

I'm using Google Translate, sorry if it's difficult to understand

It is not related to your scooter hack because I had this breakdown when I mounted my front shock absorber which in the end was not compatible, your problem is related to vibration, first of all check that your fire rear lights up well otherwise this tutorial is not for you. Well, you are going to dismantle the handlebars of your scooter the 4 screws that you put when you mounted it and you check the cable you disconnect and reconnect (you need to put a little force because it is a waterproof cable)

If this does not work, you just need to take a small flat screwdriver and take off the screen then unscrew the 3 screws that hold the screen of the meter and then you take it out. Once done, check the 2 pins connected to the card if one of them is slightly disconnected this is the fault (do not hesitate to use a pair of pliers to be sure that it is properly delivered)

If this is not the case you look for the silicone cap and you open it and you also check all the pins (disconnect and reconnect them all to be on and do not mix the colors)

If you still have this damn breakdown you will have to dismantle the underside of your scooter (yes all these small screws I advise you to use a screwdriver to remove them it's faster)

Once the battery cover is removed, you just need to check the middle pin (color of the wires BLACK, BLUE GREEN, YELLOW, RED)
You are trying to disconnect, reconnect, checking that there is no humidity on the cables or inside.

If you still have this problem it is your acceleration handle which is HS or otherwise it is your electronic card at the level of the battery which could take the water (because it is not completely waterproof at 100%) or otherwise the counter is HS

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