365 PRO power tuning

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365 PRO power tuning

Postby Palikucha Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:36 am

***PRO MODEL (p.d.:may 2019)***
Hi guys, I have a serious question for experts only:

What is the highest amperage the ECU/motor/batteries can handle before going into limp mode?

I've tried 60A on the motor current and 30A on battery current, (stock S mode is 55A/25A) but it sends it into limp mode with acceleration of +1kmh per 10seconds 🤣

I would like to have more power available while going uphill. Currently my temps never go above 32°c, even after 45min rides, so there is a lot of room to buff up those ponies.
Also, what is the smoothest setting for the power curve?
Currently I'm on 600mA/step and frankly I'm a bit tired of flashing a new setting every few minutes because I don't have much free time to test everything out 24/7.

I see a lot of people writing nonsence that lowering the amperage will make more power (probably because the base model website has the motor current settings based of an algorythm and the lower value you set, the more current is sent to the motor, but the pro web interface uses Ampers as values for engine management and typing in a lower value than stock will result your S mode to be Eco mode: for example stock engine current values are: S:55A, D:32A, E:17A)
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Re: 365 PRO power tuning

Postby ebaldyy Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:34 pm

Hi, any updates on this? I am very interested as well. cheers

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