Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

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Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

Postby drgremi Thu May 25, 2023 3:26 pm

Hi, I recently tried to modify the firmware of a Xiaomi Mi Essential. I was very confident because in the past years I successfully modded the M365 and the ES2. After uploading the firmware I discovered I had a 3.1 DRV so I bricked :) Never mind, now I solved this problem, but I am with the original firmware. Stucked at 400W BMS and 20km/h.

I was looking for a modding, but a complete different type of modding (because as I have seen [tell me if I am wrong], due to a different firmware for now it is not possible to modify firmware of the new ESC). I wold like to substitute completely the ESC (and the dashboard?). What do you suggest to buy?

I was getting interesting in VESC (and I was seeing for this flip sky controller). But I won't be compatible with the dashboard I think.
Also I was looking for a new BMS and build a new battery pack (with no hurry, I wold like to change the battery pack after frying the original one).

I have no problems in soldering (even SMD, I have access to a complete electronic laboratory) and measuring, but if there is something it works out of the box I am not annoyed (I spend enough time on electronics on work that I don't like it anymore).

Concluding what do you suggest to do/buy? Even if it is not VESC it is not a problem. I wold like something that can be reparable (open source/open hardware), but it is not mandatory.
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Re: Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

Postby henriklarsen Tue Jun 13, 2023 8:09 am

Hi. I'm very curious about your project and wondering how it's going. I just bought 2 units of the Essential model and I'm about to start the major modifications. The first step is to install a parallel battery while keeping the speed at 20 km/h. The second project is a speed hack, but it should be easily reversible back to factory settings.
You mentioned that you had burned your original battery. Could you provide more details about it so that I don't make the same mistake ;o)
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Re: Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

Postby Semanto88 Sun Oct 01, 2023 7:18 pm

Hey there, I'm also interested in modding my Xiaomi Mi Essential scooter, but I'm a bit cautious about making drastic changes. It's good to see your determination and expertise in electronics. I'll be following this thread to see what solutions others suggest for a complete ESC replacement. Keep us posted on your progress!

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Re: Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

Postby mariahcarey Thu Oct 12, 2023 6:35 am

Look for third-party controllers that are compatible with your scooter's motor and voltage. Some companies manufacture replacement controllers for various electric scooters.wordle unlimited
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Re: Xiaomi Mi Essential Full Modding changing electronics

Postby andreaa23 Tue Oct 31, 2023 2:54 am

I was seeking for modifying, but a completely other kind of modding (since, as I've seen [correct me if I'm wrong], it's now not feasible to edit the firmware of the new ESC owing to a different firmware) suika game I'd like to fully replace the ESC (and perhaps the dashboard as well). What do you recommend I buy?

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