Flashing classic m365 with pro firmware

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Flashing classic m365 with pro firmware

Postby angusmg Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:04 pm

Hello there,

I hope someone who's a more experienced modder can help me out here. I have a classic m365 (EU version, all original parts), had it for years, it has DRV138 made with the botox firmware patcher. Now I'd like to use the SH pro firmware pathcer, and the wiki page seems to suggest that I am absolutely fine with installing a pro firmware after clicking the checkbox for the old 4-dot dashboard compatibility.

My issue is: After making the firmware the Scoother Hacking Utility app tells me "The scooter expected a raw file, but the loaded firmware only contains encoded!" The zip file indeed contains only "firm.bin.enc", no "firm.bin" as the old botox zips did. What should I do then? I really don't want to risk bricking the scooter as I don't need the pain in the arse finding an STLink, but it would be great to have the 3-mode pro firmware if there is a safe solution here (maybe I'd even buy a newer dashboard for it in the future, but first let it work with the firmware only).
I appreciate advice on these matters.

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