How to unbrick E22E

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How to unbrick E22E

Postby Changer_E22E Sat Jul 30, 2022 10:53 am

i don't know what i have to do tu unbrick my E22E. I bought it 3 monts ago, i write post but nobody reply to me.
I have a E22E accidentaly i have changed region and the new serial of my electric scooter is N2GRA and it is recognized as a E45D. I lost the cruise control and the blink of thr brake light.
I open the ninebot app and I have 3 scooters models in my profile.
My actual version in the official app 'Segway-ninebot' is:
BMS: 1.6.0
BLE: 2.1.3
DRV: 2.6.15

In scooter Hacking tool i read:
BMS: 1.6.0
BLE: 2.1.3
DRV: 2.7.5

I tried to change the code or downgrade but, no one method works, always error.
Today i have edited the esc255_fulldump.bin with my original code, but now, what i have to do with my stlink v2? IT's enough to flash it?
Please reply to me thank you

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