ES4 & SHFW, Modes switching automatically

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ES4 & SHFW, Modes switching automatically

Postby etv99 Thu Jul 28, 2022 12:28 pm

I have installed SHFW since a few months and sometimes when I make longer rides I have the problem that the scooter starts to switch between the different modes Eco, Drive and Sport.... every second he changes the mode....?? Mostly when I need full power. Max Amp. the recommended value for ES4 in the SHFW manual.
When switching off the scooter and wait for a while I can go again some km's normally and a few moments later it starts again switching....

FW of all modules (BLE, BMS & DRV) are latest versions.

One other Question.... tempomat:
the cruise control will only start when I have at least half of the throttle pressed, below it would not start.... why? Cause when going by low speed eg. in pedestrian zones there is no way to enable it.....


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