pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 bms for es max plus discharges battery

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pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 bms for es max plus discharges battery

Postby kook Tue Jul 12, 2022 4:11 am

No charging after discharging
It doesn't charge even though I put the voltage higher than 32v.
I want to find a solution
This is a shared model of Ninebot Max Plus.
pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 bms
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Re: pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 bms for es max plus discharges battery

Postby normanwolf Thu Jul 28, 2022 3:19 am

The problem is quite complicated. But still luckier than me. My charger was badly damaged. And since it's so old Elastic man, there's no way to fix it. Pain.
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Re: pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 bms for es max plus discharges battery

Postby Spooky Tue Aug 16, 2022 10:52 pm

Hello, i am having issues with my Ninebot Max Plus battery, i recently got an Ninebot Max Plus at a city Auction for a pretty good price and now i want to convert it, so i flashed bms via uart, them the buttons to indicate charge stopped working and i didn’t think much of it (bms also stopped showing up in Ninebot IAP) i thought this was wierd but i just thought it was because the BMS version has a different pinout for the bms info pins and the charging leds aren’t integrated in the Ninebot max‘s bms software, the battery still turned on my snsc controller, so i thought everything was alright, so i put it in a drawer for a fee days until the STLink arrives for the Esc, as i took it out, i tested the Voltage and it was on 35,5V, which was pretty wierd cuz i put it away with 41,somethingV so i hooked it up to my Snsc, board doesn’t even power on, got it to my regular max and i could see it turns off shortly and them back off again, so i got my multimeter out and connected it to the wires of my Max ESC, this is what i found out.
Voltage 35,5V
When turning on drops to 7,6V
Slowly crawls up back on 35,5V but in 0,01 Steps so 7,6 V 7,7V and so on
Then goes back to 35,5V and same thing again, when i connect a charger and then try to start the Scooter it does just fine (charger stays green cause i charged to 100%) the voltage goes up to exactly 41V, after disconnecting it slowly drops down again to 35,5 but in those 0,1 steps again, when disconnecting charger and turning scooter on it goes instantly to 35,5 for a split second before dropping down to 7,6V again, i flashed BMS 1.3.4 i think, anyone please help, it was an almost nee Battery (3cycles).
Thanks in advance.

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