Paid project proposal - UK Legal Firmware

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Paid project proposal - UK Legal Firmware

Postby drproc Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:00 pm

I am looking for someone to assist in a project to create a road legal scooter firmware for the UK.

The background to this is that the UK has some truly backwards laws making all personal electric vehicles illegal with some pretty nasty fines.

There is an exemption for electric bikes that only provide supplemental power.

I would propose a firmware that could potentially replace the ECO mode which would go something like this.

1) Detects an increase in speed without any power going to the motor ( the kick)
2) Ramps the scooter up to 15 mph and then cuts power with zero regen breaking
3)Ramps up again to 15 if it detects another kick condition
4) Would maintain the feature of activating KERS when rapid acceleration ( mechanical break engagement) is detected.

I am part of the advocacy group and we are willing to offer this is a paid project.

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