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trying to flash with st link a old rental s2

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 2:47 pm
by mr.wire
Hello all , ive followed all instructions but my flash screen shows, I need help!

Ninebot Dashboard Flasher -
Waiting for flash to start...

Esperando 0 segundos, presione una tecla para continuar ...
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0 (2019-02-10) []
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
WARNING: interface/stlink-v2.cfg is deprecated, please switch to interface/stlin
Info : auto-selecting first available session transport "hla_swd". To override u
se 'transport select <transport>'.
Info : The selected transport took over low-level target control. The results mi
ght differ compared to plain JTAG/SWD
adapter speed: 1000 kHz
Info : clock speed 1000 kHz
Info : STLINK V2J27S6 (API v2) VID:PID 0483:3748
Info : Target voltage: 3.239050
Info : nrf51.cpu: hardware has 4 breakpoints, 2 watchpoints
Info : Listening on port 3333 for gdb connections
target halted due to debug-request, current mode: Thread
xPSR: 0x61000000 pc: 0x0001c090 msp: 0x20003bc0
Warn : Unknown device (HWID 0x000000d2)
target halted due to debug-request, current mode: Thread
xPSR: 0xc1000000 pc: 0xfffffffe msp: 0xfffffffc
** Programming Started **
auto erase enabled
Warn : using fast async flash loader. This is currently supported
Warn : only with ST-Link and CMSIS-DAP. If you have issues, add
Warn : "set WORKAREASIZE 0" before sourcing nrf51.cfg/nrf52.cfg to disable it
wrote 262144 bytes from file full_BLE.bin in 15.756027s (16.248 KiB/s)
** Programming Finished **
Info : Listening on port 6666 for tcl connections
Info : Listening on port 4444 for telnet connections

Thanks in advance!