Ninebot ES2 Big problem

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Ninebot ES2 Big problem

Postby Yasioo Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:17 am

Hello guys :) !

I have a ES2 scooter, I buy used with damaged brake (all warranty stickers are OK, no one opens it )
I flashed with all of CFW with hundreds configurations.
I also changed SN with ninebot flasher ...

And? ....

When I pull the full power the motor starts at 35km and slows down to 20km (I dont know whats happening)
Second thing is when I turn on the headlight its slows again from 20 to 18 km/h

This scooter never run at the full speed 25km/h always 20km/h
I have the external battery .... still goes 20km/h

I flashed it once again and reset to factory settings then flashed by custom cfw ..
Its a oryginal one with all serials on the sticker and it all work in ninebot app.

Can someone help me? ... I'm really tired ;(
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Re: Ninebot ES2 Big problem

Postby tanidani Wed Aug 25, 2021 9:25 am

ES2 dont have the posibility to run at 30Km/h.

You need 2 batteries for power.

Only ES4 can touch 30Km/h

You start at 30Km/h but your battery canot supply the need of motor controller, and after seconds the controler is overheating and cut the current.

You need to install a external battery.

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