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Topspeed capped after new clone controller?

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 9:33 pm
by Olivierftw
Hi, so my es was driving great hit 32-33km/h, then it broke down. Ive swapped the controller with a non original one. Works fine but im struggling with the cfw. So with the serial number on the controller max speed was 27, tryed multiple base fw’s, maxspeeds and so on. Then ive changed the s-n with the original one from my scooter, eventough that went succesfull, theres still “unknown region” in the app, and still capped at 27. When i change it to limited 30km/h the serial number changes again and top speed is now 29km/h. When i change the serial number to the original one of my scooter, do i need to activate device to get rid of the unlock region? Or is the topspeed just capped because of the clone controller?

Thx in advance