(TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby smudd Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:21 pm

Just want to say thank you for this tool. I unlocked my E25E to 27kph (28kph for the gf). Using my old ES4 external battery on it at the moment and while it gives the extra range, it doesn't unlock the extra torque or max speed. So fingers crossed custom firmware is also out soon so this ext battery acts much the same as the official E45E battery.

Donated a couple $ each for this and will do so again when CFW is out. Thanks again.
What's your fimware version ? do you have the Ninebot E25E updated to 2.5 firmware ?
I downgraded to 2.3.9 before doing this serial number flash. You can do it as well using Xiaoflasher on an Android phone if you're having issues with the latest firmware as many others are having.
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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby CDogg Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:02 am

This is a doozy of an issue.

I bought an E22 with external battery yesterday from a classified ad. Couldn't power it on so I wen't home and charged it up. After about 5 secs, I got an Error 10. Talked to an acquaintence who has one and his did the same thing!
Of course the ES4 error 10 relates to the serial number, so I can only venture to guess it's pretty close on this scooter.

I can't connect to Segway app (both old and new), PC, xiaoflasher, and the IAP won't work either. I need heellllppp!
Whoever told you that error 10 is in any way related to the serial number clearly doesn't know anything. Error 10 indicates problems with communication between the dashboard and the controller, which might be caused by a couple things;
1. Ripped or damaged cables
2. A poor attempt at flashing custom firmware made for the wrong model, or in the wrong format.
While the second one can't be fixed atm, the first one can be narrowed down to a certain point of failure and fixed with relative ease. You'd have to inspect the cable going from the screen to the controller looking for damage.

My method simply cannot cause any errors or bricks, it's literally not possible. If you were wondering which error codes correspond to the serial number, it's error 35 and 27, you can check out a full list of ninebot error codes here: https://scooterhack.in/nberrorcodes
You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I did fix my error 10 and made my E22 go 20mph! Here's what I did:
The E22 has a great frame and tires that handle pretty much like the Max. So why would Segway only let it go 12-15mph!

Step 1. Take out the E22 Dash and set it aside for now.
Step 2. Remove the stem and slide out the battery and ESC and set them aside for now.
Step 3. remove ES4 dash from the shipping envelope it came in, install in E22 handlebar.
Step 4. remove ES4 ESC from shipping envelope and connect to battery, reinsert into E22 stem and connect dash and handlebar.
Step 5. reassemble your new ES-22.4 and flash your favorite Scooterhacking cfg file! :)
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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby YourShiningArmor Tue Dec 29, 2020 7:00 pm


Any idea on why my ninebot E22E goes only 24km/h max on smooth pavement at full charge? On free wheeling it reaches up to 29km/h but never goes more than 24km/h on smooth ground and I'm only 65kgs.

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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby greeepa Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:07 pm

I've found my E22 almost has a "mood of the day". At Red S - Sometimes it will blow off at 27kmh on smooth pavement, other days 24.
Torque can also be worse at times, not only top speed.

I have noted it is slightly connected to the headlight - and also take it could be low accuracy in the sensors of the bike.

Will see if the newly received 2.5.5 master control update has any effect - anyone else received it?
Very little talk about it on any forums.
Located in Sweden (in case it's region dependent).
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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby MagikGab Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:59 am

Hi! I own a Nineboot E45E scooter and I'd like to increase the maximum speed at 30 Km/h, because my scooter is limited to 25 Km/h in sport mode. Will this method work? Which code should I use to perform this operation? Thanks in advance!

PS: my scooter has its last FW.
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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby Rothki Tue Mar 30, 2021 12:27 pm

I have an Australian E22 scooter with an external battery. I have changed the serial number to N2GZ but it doesn't seem to go any faster. what other serial numbers have people had experience with to get to 30km/h?
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Re: (TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot E-series (E22, E25, E45) to 28 km/h (30 on E45)

Postby edwargo Wed Mar 31, 2021 4:40 am

The problem with the E25 upgrade is that there appears to be some code in the controller firmware preventing the extra watts going to the motor.

With my trusty ES2 to ES4 upgrade I rode for just over two years with the glorious full speed AND full torque that the external battery provides without having to hack or upgrade any control software.
As a result, I had an issue with some of the main power connector clips going to the motor melting together and making a mess - and I eventually killed the first controller after ~1000km but who doesn't do that?
Perhaps these are some of the reasons the E25 doesn't simply go "full noise" when you attach the external battery?

After two years my internal battery gave up and wouldn't synch with the external battery so I couldn't charge it anymore - once the external battery reached 100%, the charging stopped leaving the internal battery at some % less than 93 which meant that I was having problems keeping max torque while riding - it would simply revert back to the single battery performance curve.

I gave up and purchased an E25 and I've attached my external battery. Everything is 100% functional and I expect to have extended range, I can see that both batteries are being used equally after I finish riding.
I can reach 30-32km on a slight decline but up a slight incline I can reach 26-27 with a struggle.

So while I have the extended range and an unlocked top speed, I don't have the torque from the extra battery.
The spec suggests that the extra peak bump of 100w to the motor (from 700 to 800) has to be firmware (surely the controller hardware is not physically different?) so I think we must wait until we have a way to see what is going on inside the controller/firmware and hope we can once again regain that full torque from this motor.

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