Parallel external batteries

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Parallel external batteries

Postby MrFlexon Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:18 pm

Hello guys, I have been thinking about upgrading my ES2 scooter with an external battery. Not with the one you can buy rather build some own with 18650 batteries and connect these in parallel to the intenal ones.
I have seen that you can upgrade your scooter to get more speed by adding batteries in series.

Did anyone of you ever tried to increase the range of the scooter only with replacing the internal batteries (stock ones are 18650 with 2600 mha) with new samsung or LG or panasonic (18650 with 3000mah)?

Or build an external battery and connect it in parralel to the inner ones?

Is it even possible? Because its much cheaper to build an own batterie pack and connect it to it to get the highest range out of it.

If you need a better explanation just ask.

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