Noobie Questions: Upgrades / Speed Hacking

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Noobie Questions: Upgrades / Speed Hacking

Postby frantona Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:26 pm

Hi! Im really new on this topic, I just bought my ES2 Scooter yesterday when I found out that it could be hacked! Now I need to know how!
I know noobs can be any¿oying sometimes, so my appologies in advance if some question looks stupid.

Relevant Information: Ninebot ES2, Upgraded to latest firmware via Ninebot App (IOS)

1) Speed/Power Hacking: Theres two things I would like to modify to my scooter, Top Speed (I've read some people can get up to 33km/h) and acceleration. How can I do this? Ive seen some videos in youtube but its not software base, but they dissasemble the scooter to flash it... is it possible to do it just via software? Is there a step by step video or instructions for this?
2) What is the best battery upgrade for this scooter? performance/price wise.
3) Accesories, ideas on usefull accesories?

Thanks for the help!

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