Ninebot ES2 L / ES4 problem after update

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Ninebot ES2 L / ES4 problem after update

Postby oneill Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:58 pm

Hello ppl,

I have a strange situation with my ES2 L, i tried to fix this by reading the forum threads and i am stuck.. i gave up for now. Maybe someone here can figure it and to give an idea what to do.

Here is the situation

I have an ES2l, was running fine 25km/h - 26km/h with no extra battery. Today i bought an external battery, when i connected it and started the app, it asked for an update, which i did it, version 1.5.1 (i did not tested the scooter with new battery before the update).

Problem: Once the update was finished, the scooter does not run more than 23km/h, with or without battery

Here is what i tried so far to fix it with these tools viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3&sid#p3 :

1. i tried most of the versions found here - the main problems was that sometimes to scooter had a very slow start with top speed no more than 21km/h, other times it had good acceleration but 20km/h speed
2. Tried to update firmware from segway application to 1.5.1 but still no fix, slow acceleration and top speed 20-21 km/h
3. viewtopic.php?t=112&start=10#p772 combined with this viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14 - and here is where i stopped, currently the acceleration is fine but top speed no more than 23 km/h.

Please let me know what recommendations you guys have to make this scooter to run at its default state or better.

Thank you very much, any help is very appreciated.

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