Ahhh fack esc clone?

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Ahhh fack esc clone?

Postby GSKaliden Mon Jul 04, 2022 2:13 am

So, I bought a speed controller from alibaba, being careful to not get a stupid xbot piece of junk, i found what i THOUGHT was an oem controller. However, when it arrived, upon closer inspection, it says
"ninenot" on it. Otherwise, it looks identical to me.
Anyways, it works just as an oem controller. It has stm32, and is able to be flashed and all. However, after flashing it, I can no longer power off , switch modes,or toggle the headlight on and off via the dash button..... I am able to control the head and tail light thru flashing apps. Also, after flashing it, when I simply open scooter hacking utility (mobile android), the whole thing seems to change, as if I had reflashed it. Needless to say. I'm a bit confused and cannot find a solution. Seems to me as if all the flashing apps and such have changed since I first flashed my spin esc....I'm feeling a bit discouraged and hopeless.
I'm unsure what is causing this or how it can be fixed. Anyone else that has had a similar issue, or has had dealt with this type of esc and could share their experience would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Ahhh fack esc clone?

Postby James007 Fri Aug 26, 2022 9:29 pm

You need to change the culprit.

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