Ninebot Segway/Spin Rebuild

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Ninebot Segway/Spin Rebuild

Postby Wreck_Defy Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:37 pm

First post! New Scooter!

I just purchased a totally destroyed Ninebot SPIN scooter. Unit appears to have saltwater damage like someone rode this thing off a fishing pier! anyway! purchased cheap with charger. I'm assuming by the damage i can salvage the frame, and front wheel. the rest is going to be gutted and thrown out including the battery that appears to have shorted out. my question to you all...

is this worth rebuilding and if so, should I build it some way? I can get a new battery, folding arm and wheel for under $400. Please offer me guidance as to "what would you do?" if you are making something from scratch and had a Wishlist or "id build it different if i could". trying to decide if i scrap this idea or build my scooter based on the knowledge of you all.

I'm handy with tools, electronics, serial and other forms of communications.

thanks in advance!
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Re: Ninebot Segway/Spin Rebuild

Postby Eroky1bigkocki Mon Aug 30, 2021 8:52 pm

if you can get another junker you might possibly get enough parts to make a slightly less shity max, do yourself a favor, save the wheel/tire assembly, the thumb throttle, the display, and wire harness running through neck, junk the rest, those are parts that regularly wear and tear and its good to have spares. then go and spend what you have to to get one in better shape. dont worry about getting one thats been programed because thats just going to increase price point, well get you thru all that fun soldering and programming stuff thats the easy part, takes more time to fix the cosmetics than it does to set up the electronics. there is a great tutorial on here, and lots of great people to walk you thru it.

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