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Ninebot Max G30: Can a 1st generation motor wheel work with a 2nd generation scooter?

Posted: Wed May 19, 2021 3:18 am
by Vincent-007
Hello everyone,

I have a Ninebot G30 Max that suddenly stopped working. I took it to a local scooter store here and they said that the motor in the rear wheel is broken and it needs to be replaced. They wanted $200 for it. I looked online and got a used wheel for $100.
So I figured out how to replace the broken wheel wih the new wheel. After hooking up everything I put the scooter on the table and tested it. I spin the rear wheel and push the throttle and the motor worked just fine. But when I took it outside to test ride it, it will only go up to 3 miles per hour and then display an error code 21 and then die. I turned it back on and it does the same thing over and over.

So I examined both wheels. On the broken wheel, the serial number started with a 9 (which is the 2nd generation scooter) and on my replacement wheel, the serial number starts with a 6 (which is the 1st generation scooter). So my questions is: Can a first generation motor wheel work with my 2nd generation scooter? Can some kind of programming be done to make it work? Or maybe should I buy a controller for a first generation scooter? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you so much.