Ride data extraction without Ninebot app

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Ride data extraction without Ninebot app

Postby cal318 Tue May 18, 2021 9:42 pm


I analyze vehicle crashes and am looking to see if the onboard ride data from Ninebot Max can be extracted without the phone/app used during the ride.

  • 1. What sensor(s) is used by the Max for speed (I was assuming GPS, but wasn't sure)?
    2. At what rate is data recorded (how many data points per second)?
    3. Is ride data recorded in onboard memory as well as on the Ninebot app?
    4. Can the onboard data be downloaded into a human-readable format?
    5. If yes, is there a particular app used for that purpose?
I'm thinking of buying one for testing purposes but I want to get an idea of what data is available and whether it's even obtainable before pulling the trigger.

thanks, Craig

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