External 12V - connection / functioning issues

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External 12V - connection / functioning issues

Postby pioters Wed Sep 21, 2022 1:58 pm


I have G30P, 2nd gen motor.

Just installed an additional external 12V battery today. Batteries connected in series.
Flashed software (details below)

Both batteries were fully charged.

After 200m of ride the scooter lost power and switched off. Could not turn it on. Did not react to charging.

After about 20 min everything came back to normal but I am not sure what I should do make sure scooter works properly.

Can it be a software problem or rather this will be some connection problem?

Also I have a question how the xt60 Y-splitter should be installed. Should plus from the original 36v battery go to plus of the controller(this is what I have now)? Or maybe other way? Can anyone show me a schema how it should be?

Current software setting:
Max speed
US: 45 km/h
EU: 45 km/h
DE: 45 km/h
- Sports mode
Nominal draw: 28.0A
Max current: 40.0A
- Drive mode
Nominal draw: 24.0A
Max current: 30.0A
- Eco mode
Nominal draw: 8.0A
Max current: 16.0A
- Throttle lever params:
Throttle mode: Default/Speed-based
- Brake lever params:
Lever virtual limit: 120
Min phase current: 6.0A
Max phase current: 35.0A
- Wheel size: 10.0 inches
- Compat patches
- Firmware region: AUTO
- KERS Min Speed: 6 km/h
- Show battery level when idle
- Remove charging mode
- No overspeed alarm
- Error raising level 2
- Throttle current raising coefficient: 300
- Brake current raising coefficient: 500
- Brake light mode: stock
- Brake light flash frequency: 235
- Cruise control delay: 5 seconds
- Motor start speed: 2 km/h
- Version spoofing

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