EX Spin not working after new ESC installed HELP

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EX Spin not working after new ESC installed HELP

Postby kevinnoble78 Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:47 am

So I got a Spin scooter that had a fried speed controller. I ordered a new genuine speed controller and after waiting almost 3 months to get it I finally put it in today. Once powered up I had an error 35. I had already flashed the stock spin dashboard with BLE555. I flashed in the S/N N4GSD1111C1234 and flashed in all the default F/W for the ESC and BMS via XiaoFlasher. I have zero errors now, I can verify all the FW versions are correct.

My problem is the scooter will not go on its own when kicked off. If I lock the scooter and try to move it, it beeps and tries locking the rear tire. Other than no power after kicking off everything seems fine.

Any idea what could be going on? I'm at a loss right now and I don't want to keep flashing and poking around and causing more problems.

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