Make Lock-Mode great again!

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Make Lock-Mode great again!

Postby RubenKelevra Sun Oct 09, 2022 12:11 pm

Currently, the lock-mode is pretty pathetic, as the scooter needs to be locked down manually and stays "on" while locked down. Is it restarted for whatever reason, it's unlocked and can be freely used.

My idea is that the scooter needs to be unlocked before it can be used and locks itself when not in use as well as when it's started:

1) It would be nice if there could be a locked-down startup. So the scooter needs to be unlocked by the phone before it can be used. If it's turned on, it will stay on and locked.

2) After a configurable time, the scooter will shut down again to avoid draining the battery.

3) If the scooter is stopped somewhere and there's no input for a configurable time, it will beep long twice and if there's another minute no input it will lock down, too - to prevent accidental parking without locking the scooter.

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