Assisted kick mode

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Assisted kick mode

Postby willie013 Sun May 08, 2022 4:02 pm

Hi there!

I love SHFW, especially the fact that you can change parameters on the go!
The firmware is really stable and great!

Recently, I was thinking of a specific assisted mode to add to the SHFW code.

In some countries, having a throttle lever on a scooter is not allowed.
The only other option is to have the throttle lever disabled, and have an 'assisted' kick mode.

This means when you manually push the scooter forward with your feet, the scooter detects a 'kick' and accelerates for several seconds (configurable) and then stops accelerating. This makes the scooter legal in countries where having a throttle lever is prohibited, such as the Netherlands.

Such a mode is also preferred by some people in general, since you'll be far more 'active' driving the scooter around than just standing on it and pressing the throttle lever.

Would a mode like this be possible to make with the SHFW, or are there any plans for it? For instance, have a profile where this mode is enabled?

I would be interested in adding such a mode myself, but I cannot seem to find a repository containing the source code for SHFW.
I am a software engineer in my daily job, so I would love to contribute to SHFW in a way!

Thanks guys!

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