Unlock Speed Limit DUCATI PRO 2 EVO

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Unlock Speed Limit DUCATI PRO 2 EVO

Postby LURC Wed Mar 16, 2022 12:43 pm

Unlocking Speed-Limit on the DUCATI PRO-II EVO.

I remember seeing some kind of method which includes changing the firmware of the scooter, im not 100% sure though,
would be nice to hear some information regarding this issue/problem.

Im not satisfied with the scooter only being able to go up to its legal limit 25KPH.

Is there some method or any way possible to unlock it(without opening the actual scooter and changing some cables), if so, please let me know, thanks!.

- L.
LINK TO THE SCOOTER: https://www.ducatiurbanemobility.com/el ... ro-ii-evo/
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Re: Unlock Speed Limit DUCATI PRO 2 EVO

Postby ToLive4 Mon May 30, 2022 5:03 am

Power on scooter, put speed to S+, press brake and while you holding brake press full throttle 10 times.


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