(TUT) How to get cruise control back on T15D/T15E scooters after the latest update

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(TUT) How to get cruise control back on T15D/T15E scooters after the latest update

Postby F0xMaster Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:52 am

As we know, Ninebot recently blocked cruise control as well as ambient lights controls on the T15D and T15E scooter models. In this guide I will show you how to unlock these features, so that they'll show up in your Ninebot app.

Important info
If you don't want to modify your scooter in any way, you can use third-party apps such as m365 tools to enable cruise control and change the light colors even on the latest update. They still won't show up in the Ninebot app but at least they'll work.
This guide only applies to T-series scooters of the T15E and T15D variant. The regular Air T15 still has all of the features on the latest update, and thus does not require any modifications.
Please read the entire guide before posting any replies.
Methods shown in this guide are generally considered safe given extensive testing performed by our community members. You are, however, responsible for any modifications done to your scooter. ScooterHacking.org cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the actions mentioned in this guide.
Mods shown in this guide DO NOT void the warranty. Change the serial number BACK TO ORIGINAL if you need to send it in for repairs. You can find your original serial number on the sticker below the deck.
For any support please visit https://scooterhack.in/discord
Please note that you WILL have to unbind your scooter from your Ninebot account, and re-bind it after you finished all the procedures listed below. If you don't do that your Ninebot app will show 2 scooters bound to your account.
Please note that unlocking these features be illegal in some countries. ScooterHacking.org and its staff can't be held responsible for any legal issues caused by performing the actions described in this guide.

  • An Android phone or tablet
  • A T15D or T15E scooter
  • At least 2 brain cells
The guide
Step 1 - Download ScooterHacking Utility from https://scooterhack.in/utility
Step 2 - Turn on your scooter
Step 3 - Open the app and click "Scan", then select your scooter
Step 4 - On the main screen press "Change region"
Step 5 - On the region list select "Global - T15"
Step 6 - Wait for the scooter to reboot.

If everything was done correctly, the SN section should now display an updated serial number as well as the corresponding model number and region.
You'll now be able to see the cruise control and mood light options in the Ninebot app.
Please consider donating to me (Fox Master) and Lothean for all the hard work we put into making ScooterHacking what it is today.

Donation links:
Fox Master (Me - the author) - https://scooterhack.in/donatefox
Lothean (SH Utility dev, owner of ScooterHacking) - https://scooterhack.in/donate

This guide was last updated on: 09.05.21 (dd/mm/yy)
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Re: (TUT) How to get cruise control back on T15D/T15E scooters after the latest update

Postby AngelAngle112 Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:08 am

Everything seems to be going fine and I hear noone speaking about Serials, but my controller has not been supplied with a serial on paper or anything. Also I cannot find a serial on the unit. Where can you actually find or obtain this serial?

When I connect the scooter to my pc it shows a serial, which probably is the old serial?slope unblocked

In my opinion this would be quite a stupid question but I really cannot find the answer for it. Hope to hear soon.

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