Cheap electric scooter DIY from an electric skateboard

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Cheap electric scooter DIY from an electric skateboard

Postby st123 Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:05 pm

1. city version :

This is my 3 wheels electric scooter. A DIY project. You can consider it " half electric skateboard and half scooter" for me is a cheap, stable and efficient electric vehicle. Total weight ? only 5 Kg - light electric vehicle. Affordable ? Yes it Is !

Project city electric scooter total costs : 100 Euro

350 w single hub motor, remote controlled, brushless motor, autonomy : approx. 20 km, supported weight max 110 kg, battery 29 V, 4400 m Ah, max speed 22 km/h And now, I will share the secret formula for everybody :) : kick scooter front part + electric skateboard without front track = cheap & simple electric scooter

2. off-road version

Project costs : 534 Euro

Project category : all terrain electric vehicle

Range: 20-30km Speed: 38km/h Power: 36V/2A Motors : 1450W X 2 Instantaneous power: 1800W Climbing Degree: 30D Battery: 10AH Max Load: 130KG Control: wireless Bluetooth remote control Charging Time: 8 h Wheel size: 200mm*50mm - 8 inch off-road pneumatic tires Wheel Material: PU high elastic wheel Plank Material: Maple Product Weight: 13.5kg Bluetooth Remote Controller - Wireless remote control Rear suspensions

Now lets see it in acton :) :


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