Bird 2 tear down

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Bird 2 tear down

Postby Michelle Wed Feb 19, 2020 4:17 am

I wish I had taken pictures, but this is a guide on how to take off the iot and handlebars of the bird two grey, called scoot in SF.

Take off dashboard cover, you can place flathead screwdriver in between the flashlight and the plastic.
Then you have a 12 small and medium sized 6 point torx screws.
If you want to take the whole stem off, you need a 16mm socket with extender and remove that.
before doing anything else you to remove the front wheel which is super quick just remove hub caps and put allen key.
then remove the super long steel axle and you're good!!!!
BTW the fork steerer width is 23.4mm
Happy hacking, peace!

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