Anyone...iScooter info

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Anyone...iScooter info

Postby jasonme240 Sun Aug 27, 2023 5:40 pm

I cant find anything directly related to the iScooter (SGS) brand specifically but this is what I have

iScooter Max

500W Motor
S1-ES9 speed controller - 350w
MO-2BLE1-V2.01 lcd display - it has a usb A connection for programming i would guess
37v 10aH Battery

I want to speed this up some more, sport mode does 20MPH, but i want more out of it like everything else. I cant find firmware, ive tried a couple of the apps and they can see the scooter via Bluetooth but wont connect. Ive tried combos of holding brake down, throttle and powering on, just get E 14 or E15 on the display. I think its too new for a simple wire cut of the speed limiter

Maybe someone out here has some more info they could share with me cause im stuck

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